Hello Anza!

A day trip to Anza Borrego desert is my favorite family ride. A couple hours from San Diego, you get a total change of scenery and it's pretty easy to make. The road trip is quite pleasant, the roads across the country side are nice and not crowded. Just set up good music and a few snacks for the kids and it works out!

It sounds weird but until now, we never did the most popular hike we decided to do that day: the Borrego Palm Canyon.

Last year, the spring super bloom was stunning but all the area of Anza Borrego was extremely crowded. This time, it was very peaceful and quiet, as I love it.

We love to go there anytime, anyway. 4 years ago we have been to Anza on January 1st with my family who was visiting us from France, and the desert was under the snow. We made a snowman in the middle of the cacti! Yes, even in the desert, every season brings different enjoyments.

This time it was very dry, for winter I mean, since the drought is severe this year in California. The ocotillos, this plant next to me on the first photo and also just above, were all blooming anyway and it was beautiful. You can see the red flowers on top of the branches. I love them so much!

As usual Olivier took amazing photos. I love those ones with this little bird, which I ignore the name btw...

We also saw several humming birds well known in this area, the Costa's hummingbird, with black on top of the head, purple spots on sides and a green body. It's not exactly the same specie we have at home.

It was chilly and windy at the beginning of the day but it quickly turned warm and nice. I would say, the perfect weather to hike and picnic. The girls complained a little bit for walking during the first 5 minutes (as usual) but quickly got fun climbing and jumping here and there (as usual too).

Also, as soon as we heard the sound of the river and we were able to see palm trees from far, they got new motivation to speed up. We didn't know yet that such a beautiful place was waiting for us.