Petit Bateau or how a pant brought me to France

Everything started by ordering a dress (or two)...

But first, let me introduce the brand Petit Bateau itself. For my American readers who don't know it yet, it's one of the most iconic French brand, definitely ageless that everybody knows in our country. I don't know how many Petit Bateau underwear and outfits my daughters have had since their birth and me as well.

It's a brand that never disappoints you regarding quality, style and comfort. This brand never failed to this and it's certainly why it successfully braved the century, conquering generations and countries. Here are a few numbers to give you an idea:

For example, my beloved grandma gifted all these stripe breton dresses to my daughters 7 years ago when we lived in Boston. I didn't miss to print this photo specially to surprise her when I visited in Paris this week. She is 96 years old and was pleased to learn that Petit Bateau was the reason that brought me to France!

Three weeks ago, when I learned my brother will be visiting us in March in San Diego, it was time to enjoy the winter sales online and take advantage of his venue to get my orders from France. I went on Petit Bateau website to check (just to check of course!) if the famous dress I already noticed became more affordable (who knows?) and eventually shop stuff for my kids (still a good pretext, right?!).

To celebrate the petit bateau panty invention 100 years ago, the pant as we know it today without legs, the brand organized a contest. You can see here and there the interesting history of this pant and the brand in same time.

More or less aware by social medias about the design contest for the pant century, I didn't expect to enter. It sounded really fun but certainly useless regarding the competition... until I was shopping on the website. Although, curious to see how the online application was built since I love drawing applications, I quickly took a look and it was so easy and fun, even doable by kids, that I finally gave a try. Naturally, I imagined this pant with one of my block printed vegetal designs and downloaded my jungalicious print.

You can see obvious similitudes with some on my stuff I often post on Instagram... I already digitalized all those prints to create a collection of different fabrics based on my block-prints to submit it to textile companies soon. One more thing I would like to accomplish this year.

Then my daughters came back from school. They saw my creation, making jokes about my botanical designs. They made their own pants too though. I have to confess that we laughed a lot. My older one joking and very confident she would win the contest and affirm that I couldn't win with mine, bored by my plants obsession!

Last week, February 1st, I got an email to announce I won their contest for designing their traditional pant. I was part of the group of 6 winners picked within 14500 participants across 8 countries. They will announce the lucky winners at the Panty Party and reward ceremony at the Palais de Tokyo (Modern Art Museum) on February 6th. Coming or not, no way to spread the word before that date (not that easy).