((WORKSHOPS in FRANCE)) a block printing summer break

Hi there! As usual I'm back to France for summer and so happy to spend 2 months in my country, close to my dear family and friends. As you may know, this year, workshops planned in the capital and South of France make my vacation a bit special, happy to combine travel, vacation and passion.

After intense sewing teaching all year long and sewing camps in June, like every year, I closed the studio and left San Diego very excited with my 3 girls and this time, with my suitcases full of printing supplies. I brought linoleum, carving tools, inks and lots of samples of my prints.

Two workshops took place at the Atelier d'Art Rrose Sélavy in Paris. A large and beautiful place dedicated to sewing and arts, specially sculpture, ceramic and clay. Beside large artist studios, there is a beautiful sewing shop driven by my lovely friend Olivia, sewing teacher but also embroiderer, crafter, knitter, crocheter and beyond.

As I visited my mom in Montpellier, I proposed another workshop in the Mediterranean city, at the MoNa Market, a beautiful concept store for home decor. This shop is just like Aladdin's cave, kind of dream place for furnitures, lampshades, carpets and a ton of decoration accessories you won't easily find anywhere else. The owner, Elizabeth, is interior designer and picks awesome pieces only with very fine taste. Elizabeth is extremely nice, open and happy to host workshops and yummy Sunday brunches.

Brought by different interest, in both places the participants were very creative, involved in their work and surprised me by their prints. At the end, strong of new skills, they looked all happy to leave with their handmade and original creations and interesting ideas for the future.