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Hawaii // Get inspired

Back from Hawaii and such a long time I didn't share pictures of a trip! Before it's too late and I give up blogging, I bring you with me, far and lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, after 10 days exploring two beautiful rocks we didn’t know yet, Kauai and the well-known Mauï island. Sailing and snorkeling around.

We loved Oahu and Big Island 2 years ago but the pleasure was equal to the first time, blown away by these 2 other beauties offered by mother nature. I let you appreciate by yourself with a selection of photos mainly taken by my talented husband. If you loved my pictures posted during the trip here, you will love even more this ones!

I came back with the head full of lovely memories of this family trip and a ton of pictures to sort. It was hard to make a selection since every single photo deserves attention. Here is the view on the Northern part of Kauai that tends to be more cloudy and greenish than the rest of the island.

​Do you know the taro? It's up there we learned it's a traditional hawaiian plant, like a base aliment. Personally, I use it in powder for bubble teas and smoothies, my girls love it! It's a root and its use is similar to potatoes. For local people, this plant is essential and they had to gather into strong communities of farmers to preserve and protect the lands required to raise it.

I fell in love with these checked and watery landscapes, these fields just down the moutains, so flat, green and shinny.

Moutains, falling straight in the sea, corals and lava mixed together under water and this beautiful light in the blue of the ocean. The beaches of Kauai are gorgeous.

The girls had so much fun too and what a surprise to fall on friends the first day of the trip on the beach! Tunnels beach, located on the North part and close to our rental was definitely one of the highlight of our stay on Kauai. Relaxing, safe and non-crowded, it is kind of perfect beach.

Yes indeed, we loved the wild part of this island, far to resorts and crowdy beaches of the Southern part. Here above is a little trail to reach a secret tiny beach just down our condo.

We have been twice to South though. The first time to visit Waimea Canyon and we stopped here on our way up, amazed by the color and the softness of the hills.

The diversity of landscapes is impressive and it gives you the feeling that you are never done exploring if you didn’t walk the ground everywhere on the island.

At least, we got the “Grand canyon of the Pacific” named Waimea Canyon.

This island is incredibly photogenic, even when the weather turns cloudy and pretty dark. There are always palm trees, green mountains or clear turquoise water to enhance your cliché wherever you are.

The 2d time we were on the Southern part was to sail. We booked a cruise on a catamaran. Fun for the kids and great way to get an overview all together on the mervelous Naapali Coast, this cruise also gave us the opportunity to snorkel in the ocean with turtles and observe ocean wildlife.

We saw turtles, dolphins and whales but we didn't know at this time that it was nothing compared to Mauï.

And for those who were not seasick, all services were provided to give you satisfaction and comfort with breakfast, open bar and burgers at lunch. Hawaii belongs to the USA! And even with high swell, the barbecue is on.

After 5 incredible days spent on Kawaii, we took a quick flight and we happily got the famous Mauï island for 5 more days.

First thing once released from the airport, whale watching from the shore!

When we entered our new apartment, we were amazed by the show we could see directly from the living room.

Sunset time was ideal to look at whale spouts and breaches.

The next day, we drove again and left the beach (not without complains from the back of the car...). And we drove up to the summit of the volcano located in Haleakalà National Park.

We have never been on March but we could pretend we were, it was crazy mineral and maroon up there. I just regret we didn't hike and walk this ground. I don't know if it's because of the elevation up of 3000m (10023 feet to be exact) but unfortunately, we were really too cold and tired for a long hike.

But we felt like floating on the clouds.