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My Little Print Fabrics Studio can organize

a crafty or sewing party out of the studio for more guests and more fun!


I can come over your house or another place to organize and drive a crafty or sewing workshop with the kids. It's for every crafters and creative kids from 6 years old. I come for minimum 1.5 hour guided lesson where children realize their project. You, parents, can choose the topic and we will determine the project together prior to the party, according the kid's wishes and his/her tastes and your budget. 


Up to 8 kids, I would need volunteer parents to take care and guide the kids during the realization ot the project (about 1 volunteer for 4 kids). The basic party package price for 8 kids is $350 and includes an initial consultation meeting, instruction, and travel expenses. I can also provide the invitations, decorations, goody bags (stuffed or ready to stuff), priced per child.


Does your child love fashion designing?

Yes? Organize a birthday party where kids will create their own customized pillow case dress! 


Do you have a little kid of 4-7 years old?

Organize a "Stuffy and Doodling Workshop", a perfect project for a creative and fun birthday party. Everyone draw on a plain fabric, pick a pretty fabric for the back (print fabric or faux fur) and then we turn them into a stuffed animal or pillow. Nothing better to keep a nice souvenir of a brithday party, right? 



Birthday parties take place on Friday afternoons, Saturdays or Sunday

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