by sewing and crafting everything

the mom will need to welcome her baby!




...Did you notice that many people learn how to sew or come back to their sewing machines

when they are waiting for a child?

A sewing baby shower has triple benefits:

> It's just perfect to realize unique and lovely presents, totally made on custom and according the wishes of the future mom

> You get a chance to learn how to sew or improve your sewing skills. A sewing class is a great gift for the future mom that all her friends can also enjoy. It's so useful to know how to sew especially when you are mom! 

> It's wonderful to be sewing and partying at the same time with your friends, great memories guaranteed!


A ton of cute and useful items are doable in a couple of hours!


For experienced and non-experienced sewer alike of course, so don't be afraid to sew and make your presents with your hands since you don't know yet how to sew! With the instructor next to you, teaching and guiding every participant, everyone is able to properly realize the prettiest bloomer, bib, a pair of sleepers, pillow, angel blanket, newborn hat, mittens, bedding set... the list is endless! You can make very good stuff that will look even much nicer than the common things you can buy. 


But if somebody doesn't feel comfy with the idea to sew with a machine but wants to be present, no problem, we'll have a lot of things to keep some hands busy by handstitching and crafty work to complete and embellish the realizations. 


---> We meet for a consultation meeting (minimum 15 days prior to the baby shower) with the organizer or/and the future mom to define the number of guests (6 min.), the wish list of items and the fabrics desired.

---> Every item of the wish list is "ready to sew" (all precut and ironed) prior to begin the party 

---> The baby-shower has a duration of 2h30min

It can take place during weekdays in the morning or at night, Monday or Friday afternoon or during the weekend.

     > 2 hours of workshop:

Basic instruction for beginner

Realization of a complete project

Check point of each sewing item to get it ready to give in good condition

     > 30 minutes:

To offer the presents

For fun games around the birth

To have a toast and clink glasses in honor of the future mom of course!

----> The pricing is prorated with the number of participants

Basically, it's $45/participant, all supplies included

(the price can vary based on choice of items and material required to make them)

---> The organizer(s) have 30 minutes before to set up the party and after to clean up. A large table is provided to host drinks and food. You are free to decorate the studio as you like!  


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